About Us

  All of our lives we search for more happiness, but happiness can come in many forms. In our busy lives, we may not even realize what we have, and who is around us.  It does not matter who we are, or where we are – we always want to have maximum happiness.

  A few years ago, our family found ourselves in a very difficult situation, when our 2 year-old son, Maxim, was diagnosed with leukemia. It was the worst feeling that my wife and I could have imagined as parents. We were now feeling powerless and exhausted as we embarked on a 24-month journey of treatment for our son. Living on Nantucket Island, we have to endure numerous trips to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston to help our son.

  Luckily, we were not alone through this trying time. We found a strong support network among our friends and acquaintances, and were encouraged to believe in a better future. This support system smoothed out an otherwise bumpy, emotionally trying ride for the family.

  It was at this point that we realized how fortunate we were to be surrounded by people who cared for and supported our family. In honor of this support, we designed and created the Maxbliss happy bracelet to encourage maximum happiness through all of life’s struggles.  

  Whether it’s an island, a country, or a continent, everyone has their own special happy place. The Maxbliss bracelet represents the beauty of life, incorporating the natural elements of the sun and the sea. The silver bead represents each person’s individual happy place, regardless of where that is. The yellow bead signifies the bright sun above, and the two blue beads represent the great oceans to the east and west. Finally, the white/gray beads surround the rest to signify the love of family and friends that is necessary to find that happy place. This stylish, custom designed bracelet is available to anyone that believes in happiness. "Bliss" - happiness.

You are not alone, believe in yourself, you matter!

Great people and good friends - priceless!

Be maxim happy!